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Here is the reviews frommy clients!

Felicia Tan

Glad to be connected with Amy, she is genuine and sincere in sharing her knowledge and to help more people with mental health issues... 🙂

Foo Jillien

I'm so happy to have Amy explain my Qimen natal chart to me! QM is a new journey for me, and the many areas of studies are just too vast for a beginner like me to master within a short space of time. So, it was good to have Amy explain the interactions of the deities, stars, doors, stems, and even deity levels. I also found her sharing about my subconscious motivations, and possible areas for breakthrough especially enlightening! Amy helped me build on my understanding of myself from other metaphysical studies... so that I can develop my goals and course of action more clearly. She made the story in my chart come alive! I recommend Amy to all who have ever wondered what their path in life is.. who wish to understand the motivations and unconscious desires within themselves.. and who wish to achieve a breakthrough in their mindsets.. so that we have the courage to work towards what might seem distant and unimaginable without the benefit of such a tool! Thank you SO much, Amy! It was a GOOD session!

Yuping Ng

Amy has been so patient in guiding and advising me using qimen Dunjia. I have more insights on how I can manifest on the areas I want to improve on using a daily mantra. I have also discovered the strength I possess which I could use to better myself in this lifetime. ❤️

Eleonora Crvants

Really interesting themes to share...and Amy is so charismatic!!! I'm eager to see the next adventure, Amy!!!

AikHong Yifeng

Enjoy her session on her view on meta physics. She will go all the way to ensure things are in order and share whatever she know. If you have any things to ask about your Bazi, she is the lady to go. 💪💪

Eeling Tan

Thank Amy for sharing insights of my bazi:) Letting me know what I can do to improve my life & health. Kudo for ur willingness to share your knowledge & experience with more people! 🙏🏻May all goes well for you!

Carine Tan

Amy is very knowledgeable and profession in her Bazi & Qimen reading. She gave me a lot of advice on my future undertaking & made me know myself better through the reading. I am very grateful to her.



Kelvin Ckp

Good 👍 my first time.. about personal life.. thanks so much..


Amy, Thanks for an enlightening and positive session. You have helped me see my current challenges and provided clear strategies to achieve my Wealth goals. You are very genuine and patient with all my questions, and now I am confident with my life direction. Looking forward to our next session ;)

Jonathan Yee

Amy gave an insightful analysis and had advice for how I can improve my health and other aspects of my life in future. She made sure to explain in a speed that a beginner can follow and also offered her contact in case there's anything I'd like to clarify in future. Very approachable and friendly!

Sheng Peng Leom

Amy is knowledgeable in this field and very generous in her sharing. As a metaphysics consultant, she is professional and more importantly, she has proven to be a greater friend. She has a really good heart and serves her clients with noble intentions. I engaged Amy to do an analysis of my Bazi and Qimen and she thoroughly overdelivered! I was able to get greater clarity of myself and of my career. She provided great value and I recommend anyone who wants to have greater clarity of themselves to engage Amy!


It was insightful to review my life chart using Qimen Dunjia. Amy was patient in answering various questions I had and was willing to share her knowledge without holding back.


Very passionate and patient with my questions to her Thanks for the read.


Amy provided me with sincere and genuine guidance at affordable rate.

Michelle Ow

Amy is one of the most courageous persons I have met. While she is walking her journey of healing and recovery, she also wants to support others in their journey of healing and recovery. And she does this, with a lot of self awareness (there are many who are want to do the same, and yet do not seem aware of themselves, and cause more hurt and harm than support). Amy is also very passionate about metaphysics, and is a keen learner of life. She takes feedback willingly and openly, and also exercises discernment on what she can manage in the moment, and what she might need to put aside. She recognises that she does need to take feedback wholesale, and react to everything she is given. I enjoy my conversations with Amy Kang, as she also tends to share her perspectives and what she has learnt from the conversations. She has invited and offered to provide me with a reading of my qimen chart twice, and with each reading, I witness her improvement, and how is learning, and acting on the feedback provided. Thank you Amy, for being a lifelong learner, and walking the journey with courage and compassion.

Lim York Mun Andrea

Thank u Amy for being such a inspiration to be with. Your positive energy really ignite me to have more enthusiasm in my life!

Christina Koh

Thank you Amy for reading my bazi and qimen for me… this is my first experience in person… everything was so accurate for me and I get to understand myself more… Amy is so patience to answer my questions and explain to me what do I need to improve. Thank you Amy ❤️❤️

Alicia Wang

Amy shared some pearls of wisdom with me. It is worth a listen and really have a thought of my own life. She is very patience and explained the meaning in details.


Amy is so friendly and helpful. She is knowledgeable in reading Bazi and Qimen. She doesn't impose her views, but shares them openly. Her intention is to genuinely help. He gave me a lot of advice for me to think about life and re-understand myself. I am very grateful to her. It is fate to meet her today.

Ooi Sze Jin

Amy is so friendly and helpful. she was very knowledgeable when doing the bazi and qimen reading. she doesn't force upon her views but shares openly. Her intentions are genuinely to help. I highly recommend her.

Zyin Krunch

Amy is patient enough to explain the jargon and also the meaning behind the reading. Good and sound suggestions are given instead of strict and forceful advice. Definitely recommend it. Keep it up, Amy!

Christine Looi

Amy is a strong mental health advocate that has inspired many ladies, including myself.💓 She has always been very patient and willing to share more about her knowledge on Qimen and Bazi without judgement. Thank you Amy for making the effort to genuinely care for people, may your business continue to flourish! 🥳

Maya Ng

Amy is passionate about metaphysic not limited to Bazi, Qimen Du Jia but also personal coach for life matter. She is a sincere person and willing to share the knowledge she knew to give guidance and coaching for the matter you care.


Amy is a warm friendly person. She has a great personality and give useful advice in life: highly recommended

Kai Jing Ong

Amy is a very patient and good listener. Always willing to listen and answer to my queries! Still very new to Qimen and bazi and she’s always so willing to share her knowledge. Wishing you the very best!

Huzzy Nurhanes

Amy Kang has been helpful and detailed in helping me. She is professional and attentive to my questions and concerns. Thank you so much, Amy. I learnt a lot from you.
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