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QiMen Destiny Reading

Read Your Destiny! Unlock the secrets of your destiny with QiMen Destiny Reading — a profound exploration of the cosmic energies you were born with and how they shape your life. Delve into the ancient Chinese metaphysical system, gaining insights to navigate challenges, optimize opportunities, and make informed decisions on your life journey. Find our your strengths and how you could activate your inner potential. 


Available In-Person and Virtual

Duration: 60 mins

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QiMen Forecasting

Knowledge is power! Step into the future with QiMen Forecasting—a transformative journey through the ancient Chinese metaphysical system. Anticipate and prepare for life's twists and turns, gaining valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions. In the realm of QiMen, forecasting becomes your tool to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and embrace your life path.


Available In-Person and Virtual

Duration: 20 mins

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BaZi Reading

Bazi consultation is an ancient Chinese metaphysical practice that analyzes an individual's birth chart, revealing insights into their personality, strengths, and potential challenges. By decoding the cosmic elements at the time of birth, Bazi consultation guides individuals in making informed decisions about their life path, relationships, and career.


Available In-Person and Virtual

Duration: 60 mins

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Date Selection

Unlock the RIGHT time! Date Selection guides you in choosing optimal moments for life's milestones. Whether it's moving house, getting married, or sealing a business deal, the right dates mark a harmonious beginning, embedding positive energies that endure. Certain days are more favorable for specific activities, ensuring that your invested effort and time yield a higher return on investment.


Available In-Person and Virtual

Duration: 20 mins

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Miriam testimonial
"I had a highly productive meeting with Amy. She demonstrated exceptional listening skills and provided a wealth of valuable information and clear instructions to guide our next steps."

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