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Joey Yap's Visit to Singapore

Updated: Apr 30

Upon learning of Dato JY's visit to Singapore, I cleared my schedule eagerly anticipating a reunion.

My dear friend, Ryan Tan, suggested capturing a moment with Dato while holding my plaque, and through manifestation, the scene unfolded before us!

Gratitude fills me for the kind souls who lend a helping hand in times of need. Leading a simple yet contented life, I aim to inspire others with my limited time and energy.

The dream of a digital nomad lifestyle beckons, envisioning global travels to meet new people, gather experiences, and impact lives—both in mental well-being and metaphysical realms.

A heartfelt thank you to Dato Joey Yap for a pivotal sentence three years ago: "You are your own boss! You control your own mind and body!" Where attention goes, energy flows.

Thank you, Dato Joey Yap, for transforming my life.

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